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Why You Shouldn’t Try Gambling

Gambling could be a hot topic to be discussed properly. Some might go against it some might think that it is just an entertainment just like any other entertainment. The primary reason why people are against gambling is because of religion. Many religions are against it because of their own particular reasons. I personally think that gambling addiction is such a worrying thing. This is because it involves teenagers. Many teenagers started to have a gambling addiction because of online casinos on the internet. Discover here at baccarat online game in Malaysia.

Even if gambling is acceptable in any religion, you should stay away from it as it brings more cons than pros. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t try gambling.


  • Casinos are just fooling you


The probability to win in a game is seriously low. What are the chances, really, of winning and winning big? For certain situations, including TOTO, the chances are exceedingly minute. Singapore Pools also put it specifically on their website telling punters that there is a 1 in 13,983,816 chance to hit Group 1 Jackpot for TOTO for every daily entry.


Even if you’re not adept at mathematics, this should be a sign that gambling requires massive amounts of luck. The same applies to casino gambling or any other form of gambling-think about the chances of winning you are at. The likelihood to win is embarrassingly low.  Hence, you should think twice before spending your freshly gained money on gambling. 


  • Gambling made you stupid


When you are addicted to gambling, you may be out of your mind. You are so engrossed with it until you forget about your job and daily routines. Certain dumb stuff you can or may not do include missing your meals because you are so enthralled in gambling, not getting enough sleep or rest because you prefer gambling, burning off your hard-earned money or CPF money on gambling so on and so forth.


There is a case where a French woman thought she would win the lottery, so she went on a shopping spree to find out she didn’t win when her husband checked her ticket twice. Hence, think twice before you get involved in gambling and you should know that there are many other ways that you can earn money.

  • Gambling made you become greedy


No matter how much money you have, you will still think that it is not enough. The more you get, the more you want. Same goes to gambling. Greed is why gamblers go back to gambling no matter how many times they promise to themselves that they will not gamble again. If one wins at the casino for say $1,000, this person is likely to continue gambling as he or she can win even more. This is because he or she is on a streak and feels the need to try to regain all those lost on previous occasions.


A confluence of factors appears to mark one’s ability to think and behave rationally when it comes to gambling whether it’s rush, fear or anticipation-gambling is a vicious cycle that is hard to escape once you’re addicted. And even if you’re gambling, remember not to be greedy and always know when to draw a line. Even, when you can not afford to lose, don’t dabble in gambling.


  • Gambling can ruin your life 


There are a lot of cases where celebrities and other rich people ruined their career because of their gambling addiction. True reality, gambling has the ability to ruin the life of someone, destroying whatever little dreams they have left, and throwing them into deep despair. Hardcore gamblers lose a lot of money, fall into significant debt (if you’re in debt, use the checklist to get out of debt), lose their houses, lose their spouses and kids, get depressed with some even trying to commit suicide.


  • There are many other ways to earn money


For starters, you can save your money, you can save it, buy insurance, donate it to charity, fly around the world, buy the designer bag you’ve always wanted, send your kids to fun enrichment classes, save for retirement, eat at fancy restaurants, etc. There are several ways you can make better use of the capital. Some also help you grow your money, so why not channel the money you’ve got into the many different things you and your loved ones would be happy about?

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