Why You Should Read Mangas

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The manga or the anime? We vote manga. If someone were to choose between the two, they would highlight the bad part about anime. For example, the animation tends to exaggerate or erased a specific trait from a character that mischaracterizes the character completely. But, there are more reasons to it. Many mangas are updated up to hundreds of chapters and they are summarized into a 12-episode or 24-episode anime which isn’t enough to fit everything that the manga has told its audience. However, it does depends on the preference of the audience. Still, many believe that manga is better. 

1. Manga doesn’t have weird animation

Most animation studios today have exceeded our expectations. Ever watched Attack on Titans, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Chainsaw Man? The animation from Mappa Studios is unparalleled. However, when they are compared to other anime such as The Seven Deadly Sins, the latter is quite unflattering. Manga does not experience this kind of problem because they are all still images. Since it came from the mangaka themselves, the audience prefers not to complain because they are served with a good plot and the desire to know what happens next. 

2. No Streaming Rights Constraints

Streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Funimations are everyone’s primary sources of animes. Not forgetting Netflix and Hulu as well. However, not all animes can be found on the platforms due to streaming rights. Hence, it’d be a hassle to search for the right streaming platforms, register, and many more processes. 

3. It’s Faster

Individuals read faster than they can speak, generally. One episode of an anime takes about 15 – 25 minutes of your time. A manga read probably takes only about 3 – 5 minutes. Hence, you can enjoy the story more quicker by reading the manga. Not everyone has the time to watch through hundreds of episodes. 

4. Impeccable Art

Ever seen that image of a man’s head in a crocodile meme? That’s a perfect example of this point. Manga usually has incredible, detailed art that the anime aren’t able to compare. It’s common that anime doesn’t adopt the manga’s amazing art because of how much time a panel is invested in and animation studios are usually tied by a time constraint. Additionally, some art simply cannot be copied and animated. 

5. Slow Updates

Manga chapters are usually updated much faster than anime. This is because the manga will “test the market” and observe if the manga will get the attention it needs to release an anime series. Before the anime series is out, many will wait for the latest manga chapters to read weekly. Hence, manga fans don’t need to wait for the series to update that long because a season of an anime may take about a year to follow.