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What Are the Usual Challenges App Developers Face?

As a mobile app developer for 3 years now, I have learned many things about the challenges that we face when creating different applications. As a common knowledge, it is safe to assume that 4 out of 5 people already have a smartphone and that it is always going to be an integral part of their day-to-day lives. All of the companies out there would always make an application that will help improve their services which will entice customers to have repeat visits (and therefore, continued sales). But, not a lot of people know the struggles that we face along the way, which prompted me to create an article highlighting the different challenges that this industry faces on a daily basis.

Creating an App That Gets Noticed

One of the things that we, app developers, have to think about is what features will make our app get noticed? Well, I found that for your application to become popular, it has to have these ingredients:

  • You have to have a pretty good idea right off the bat. What is the main functionality of your app? How can you improve it? What things can you add on top of the existing feature that will make it stand out?
  • Always know who your target audience is. Although you might get blinded by the amazing success that social media apps have gotten over the past years, it is important to stay focused on an industry before branching to ensure that you are not spending too much money on an arbitrary thing.
  • Always do your research. Find out more about your competitors and create a list of their pros and cons. Looking at this list, it will give you a pretty good idea of what features to include, what features to scrap, and what features to add.

Keeping Up with the Latest Trends

As a mobile app developer, you need to be aware of the trends and changes in the smartphone industry as a whole. For instance, every year, Google and Apple release new versions of their operating systems that will bring forth new features, while also eliminating those that are deemed as obsolete.

With that being said, you also have to be aware of the smartphones that are going to be released in a given year. That is because you want to create an application that has a good balance of features and performance, while also ensuring that it works with current mobile operating systems.

Building an App with a Good User Interface

Here’s the thing: if you build an application that has a pretty good user interface, that will invariably improve the user experience as well. The application, for it to be considered as something that has a good user interface, should be easy to use and navigate while also having features that are going to be loved by many.

Building an App Using Community Feedback

Of course, you also want to put the things that your customers want in an application. But, you also have to balance it with the application that you really want to create. So basically, it is more of balancing your brand’s identity with what the people actually want. You want people to know what app they are using while also making them remember your application among the sea of many other apps in the ecosystem.