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Web Design Company has The Best Prospect in The Future!

Did you realize that the world has begun to evolve in today’s world? Almost every field is beginning to be influenced by technology. As an example, the internet is now beginning to have an impact on the corporate sector. As a result, many business owners are beginning to investigate the website. However, take in mind that not all of them are capable of operating these pages. As a result, we may conclude that today’s Web Design Company has a bright future.

Web Design Company

What Exactly is a Web Design Company?

They are a company or someone whose duty it is to create a website from the design stage to designing and displaying the website so that the user may access it. The Web Design Company is also in charge of making the website look appealing to users when they visit it. In layman’s terms, a web designer is someone who creates websites. They maintain connections with sectors that are not distant from the world of design, such as graphic design and architecture.

Job Description of A Web Design Company

Basically a Web Design Company is tasked with doing the initial design to create an attractive and “user friendly” website. But apart from that, there are also some tasks that are usually the job of a web designer, here are some examples:

Responsive Web Design

One of the tasks of a web designer is responsive web design, which is trying to make the appearance of a website remain proportional on various different devices. So that users can still view the website comfortably either using a Smartphone, Laptop or Desktop PC that has different screen sizes.


Search Engine Optimization is a series of efforts and processes to increase website traffic. A web designer is responsible for making the website he makes has many visitors by maximizing SEO, with a website that has optimal SEO, then the website can be said to be SEO Friendly.

Website Speed

A website also has a benchmark for speed, which is the time it takes to load the website as a whole. This is one of the tasks of a web designer, because when a website is being built, a web designer must understand maximizing website speed by carrying out a series of processes.

Web Design Company

What is The Difference Between Web Design Company and Web Development Company?

Even though both work in building a website, there are actually several differences between a web developer and a web designer. Most of you are certainly familiar with these two professions. Currently, many companies need their services to optimize websites so that their performance and appearance are pleasing to the user.

A web developer is someone who deals with the creation of a website. A Web Developer creates web-based applications using programming languages. The task of the Web Developer is to be the liaison of all the resources needed for website creation. Among others, such as creating databases, managing domains, creating dynamic web displays, and many more tasks from a Web Developer. Their task will end if the website created is ready to use and there are no problems using the website.

While a web designer is someone who works with visual elements on a website. They are in charge of beautifying the appearance of web pages. Web designers often work with visual images, color, animation, video, and more to multimedia. They are more familiar with Client Side Scripting such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web designers will usually beautify the appearance of the website by manipulating the usual image that has been edited first using Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDraw, etc. If the appearance of your website is still unattractive, you can ask for help from a web designer.