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Use These Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

Use These Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

If you want your customers to trust your business, you need to provide a smooth user experience or you can try hiring a Website Making Company. Growing any type of business is not an easy task. You’ll worry about product creation, growth plans, and marketing strategies—all in the same exact day.

There are so many ongoing website tasks, so you may overlook some aspects. One of the things that you should never forget is an efficient website design. By creating a website design that is easy to navigate and straightforward, your customers will have more positive, amazing experience. Below are 5 UX and website design trends that can help your business grow fast.

Custom Typography

The age of Arial, Times New Roman and other basic fonts are over. It’s time to explore new, unique typography that can emphasize your brand image and identity. By incorporating new fonts, you can keep your website appearance visually appealing.

Artificial Intelligence

Circuit Brain Man by GDJ

Artificial intelligence in web design can take several shapes, but the most popular examples are chatbots, personalization and machine learning. The one that influences user experience the most are chatbots. They offer engaging elements!

Incorporate this on your website to improve customer service. Website visitors love asking questions, and of course, they want to get immediate answers in real time.

Video Landing Page

We all love watching videos. In fact, 78% of online users watch online videos each week. If you want utilize the power of videos in the digital landscape, don’t just embed YouTube videos in your website. Create a video landing page. This strategy can offer more information to users, and can strengthen your brand identity. More importantly it can improve UX.

Parallax Scrolling

At this modern, busy age, even a simple click of a button is already “time-consuming.” Parallax scrolling is a lazy person’s best friend. It is a scrolling technique in which the background photos move more slowly compared to the foreground images. Through this, prioritizing content will be a lot easier.

Animated Calls to Action

Male Computer User (#4) by oksmith

Call-to-action buttons and statements are essential in every webpage. It is important to lead customers towards the right direction, in your favor. Simple statements and instructions won’t do the work. you need to create something extra for your objective to stand out. Why not add simple effects to capture your users’ attention?