Web Hosting

The Different Types of Hosting Explained

What is the premise of web hosting? Well, anyone who wants to create their own website is surely going to need a hosting provider because, without their services, you won’t be able to put your website up for the world to see.

Hosting companies do this by acquiring lots of powerful computers known as servers and putting them inside places known as data centers.

Now, the average consumer or people who want to get a hosting service would have to pay a monthly fee because most of the providers are using a subscription model. As to the differences in the service offered, that will depend on the type of plan that was acquired.

Today, I am going to talk about the different types of hosting so that you will know which one to get if you are planning to acquire the service.

Shared Web Hosting

This is the most common type of web hosting service out there and this is typically the one that most people are going to get.

Basically, shared web hosting is where you will share the same resources to that of other webmasters since your websites are going to be lumped in a particular server.

The main reason why this is the preferred option by most people is due to the fact that it is quite inexpensive. You can get a robust shared hosting service for just $5 if you are lucky to find one.

However, because you are basically sharing the server’s resources with other website owners, you are going to experience problems that you normally wouldn’t experience if you get the other types of hosting services.

For one, you are prone to getting a much slower performance. That is essentially true, especially if the websites you are with on the same server are prone to DDoS attacks and other techniques that will result in abnormally high amounts of internet traffic.

Aside from that, your bandwidth allocation is somewhat limited as well. The plans that you are going to get when you are subscribing to a shared hosting plan basically gives you the amount of bandwidth you are allotted every single month. Go beyond that and your website may not be accessible or it is accessible, albeit with a huge dip in performance.

VPS Hosting

Also known as Virtual Dedicated Server, VPS hosting is where you are in the same server as other webmasters, albeit you have your own dedicated resources. By using a partitioning program, you are apportioned certain limits that you and only you can use.

This provides much better services than that of shared hosting, but it is still not as good as the last type of hosting that I am going to talk about.

Dedicated Hosting

You probably know what dedicated hosting is because the clue is in the name. Basically, you are given a dedicated server and all of its resources are solely for your own use. This means that this gives you the best performance, albeit at a huge cost.

This is typically reserved for large companies and organizations simply because they have the money to get such a service.