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NFT With Anime Theme

Anime has become increasingly popular in recent years. Now, the anime-metaverse realm has emerged as a new field, particularly in terms of NFT. Anime lovers have entered the burgeoning digital sector, creating projects that feature anime-inspired characters. This advancement is the most intriguing development since their unexpected surge in 2021. Click to see anime inspired nft in malaysia market.

NFT anime is also gaining traction in the NFT industry, particularly on Twitter, where different anime-related works are receiving attention due to their distinct and appealing aesthetic. Many initiatives were launched following the anime-metaverse. The most well-known are as follows:

Origin of Otaku

Otaku Origins is designed for anime fans who want a strong connection to the metaverse. Otaku Origins are created via a unique algorithm. In the vast NFT collection, the algorithm offers NFT as one of more than 200 distinct properties organized into eight categories. Holders also have access to the Metaverse via NFT, making it a great starting point for aspiring anime artists and writers.

Asuna’s Life

Lives of Asuna is an intriguing NFT channel featuring anime-related visuals that look very much like anime characters.

The NFT channel contains 10,000 characters and now has over 5,000 owners. What distinguishes this fantastic channel? His hands were drawn to nature and its fantastical characteristics.

After earning Asuna’s Lives, the bearer can personalize their avatar with special accessories. Anime enthusiasts interested in NFT can go there to get a fantastic assortment.

NFT Haki

One Piece fan? You’ve got the reference. So an NFT ball based on anime idea is appealing to weebs and otaku. There is a total of 5,000 NFT drawn related to the anime.

NFT Haki is more than just “NFT.” Holders of this collection qualify for live events, beautiful street wear, airdrops, and more.

As of now, the Floor Value of NFT Haki is 0.075 ETH, and if you are an otaku with a passion for Non-Exchangeable Tokens as well as the legendary One Piece, NFT Haki is well worth checking out.

Shonen Junko

Shonen Junk is an NFT compilation with deep roots in the anime fandom. There are 9,000 NFTs in the collection. James Lin, a software programmer, created Shonen Junk. James is also a co-founder of Crunchyroll, the biggest streaming platform, and has earned a name for himself in the business. Crunchyroll is one of the primary reasons behind anime’s popularity in the United States.

Shonen Junk is inspired by the characters and stories the writers grew up with. As a result, Team SJ chose to seed with Shonen Junk. SJ is made up of almost 200 distinct features influenced by Shonen. Shonen Junk was introduced as a standard ERC-721 token on top of the Ethereum platform.