Metaverse and NFT, What is it?

how to create nft art

Have you ever heard of something called the Metaverse? No? So a metaverse is a universe that is in the form of the digital realm. It is a world of its own in digital format so you can have property or music, art, assets all in the digital world called the metaverse. You are able to spend your time to maybe roam around the digital world and meet friends or family and it is immersive. But if we are in the metaverse then how are we to have currency? Good question! Crypto currency is where it all comes down to. If you are asking how do I buy and sell then there is something called NFT.


Have you heard of something called NFT’s? If you would like to know more about it then this is what you need to know about it and even on how to create nft art!


There is a growing world inside the technology world and that is to create a metaverse and this is the latest growing topic in the digital world. But in order to live inside the digital world there first needs to be currency. Without currency nothing in this world would work. Even if you treat the digital world as a totally separate world you will still need a form of currency for things to work. Back in the days of trading it was using the barter system it was considered as trading. And then when civilization is growing and methods of trading come in forms of coins and money. Now in this digital world then what shall we use? Cryptocurrency! This is a digital currency that you are able to use and to buy and sell. It is the same system or concept of physical money. But what are there to sell in this digital world you may ask? NFT. 

how to create nft art

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. What this means is the item is directly linked to you, the creator. For example if someone is to create product A digitally, the digital world is not able to copy it and use it for their own or to block them from saying it is their creation taking the credit away from you. Instead this item that is created digitally is linked directly in your name brand. That is then unable to be stolen and copied as counterfeit. This is very important.


If you are interested in creating your own NFT art product then here are simple steps for you to take:


Pick you Item

You have to have something to sell and therefore hove something digital like the art that you have created as the thing you want to sell. This is a must to be in only digital formats. 


Choose your Blockchain

You will need a blockchain in order to have the transaction being made and you will need to choose the currency that you are willing to trade on and have this blockchain to be able to transfer funds to engage in trading


Set up the digital wallet

You will need of course a digital wallet in order to have your transactions end up somewhere therefore you will need to set one up with the transaction


Select your NFT marketplace

You will need to have a place like a store or a platform in order to sell your product and so this NFT marketplace that is of your choosing will be your store front.


Upload File

You will need to upload into the list of products to be sold to let others view your art piece.


Set up sales

You will need set up your sales process as well in order to have your items being sold

Making NFT’s can be a very profitable investment therefore it is while that you need to have a safe and secure platform as well as the choice of your blockchain. With all that being said, these are the things you need to know about NFT and the Metaverse. 

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