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How to Take Care of Your Dedicated Server?

Dedicated hosting is one of the core hosting services that are offered by the best web hosting providers out there. For the uninitiated, dedicated hosting refers to a website being given an entire server’s resources all to itself. That means that you can install your favorite operating system, launch custom scripts, having access to granular control mechanisms, and many more.

That being said, websites that are being run by dedicated servers are usually being enjoyed by large companies because these are some of the only entities that have the financial means to sustainably keep up with this type of service.

Since you are pretty much running your own server machine, you are also responsible for its maintenance as well. You could have the hosting company maintain it for you but that will actually net you some additional costs.

What are the things that you can do to maintain a dedicated server? Here are some tips:

Put the Server in a Secure Environment

Since the server machine would have to run at all times, that would mean that you should put it in a secure facility that has all of the things that it needs for smooth operation.

You might have to mimic a data center for this one. You want to make sure that it gets the best internet connectivity as possible so you’d want to plug in an Ethernet cable for that.

You also want it to be cool despite its heavy operation so that all of its components will have their life spans improved. That means that you may have to spend some money on cooling as it has to remain in a relatively cool environment for an extended period of time.

Security Measures for Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are real and it is always a growing concern. You see, hackers or people with nefarious intents know exactly what to do to gain access to your server or worse, get your sensitive information in the process.

So, what are the things that you can do to deter these hackers from ever getting your sensitive information? Well, you want to make sure that you use an encryption mechanism which will restrict access to unauthorized people that are not within the network.

Second, you want to have a robust firewall in place so that you will use a multi-pronged approach when it comes to online security. This goes without saying but you also need to have an antivirus or anti-malware program as well, just to make sure that everything is in order.

Physically, you only want to give access to a couple of people and these people should be the ones that you truly trust the most.

Keep Updated

Your anti-malware programs, firewall, and other software should be updated at all times. Usually, updates provide additional security features like patching possible loopholes, among many others.

You also want to make sure that the facility itself is conducive for 24/7 operation of the server machine so you may want to maintain the cooling system that you are using.