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How Can Men Go the Distance During Sex?

Are you the type of man that is unable to last during penetrative sex for more than two minutes? Well, you are actually not alone. You, my friend, are suffering from what is known as premature ejaculation in that you have this uncontrollable urge to ejaculate in just a couple of minutes after penetrating a woman’s vagina.

Despite the fact that it is one of the most prevalent conditions known to man (that also affects them), it is a treatable condition. One known treatment would be to take, but there are also other things that can help as well.

Bear in mind that there is this gap in orgasms when it comes to the different sexes. Women generally last four times longer than men and would achieve orgasm in a much more delayed manner. Men, on the other hand, can reach orgasm just minutes after engaging in sex. It seems unfair, no?

Still, PE should not be treated as a detriment, especially since you can do things that will help eliminate that in your life.

Here are some things that you can do to help you go the distance during sex:

Don’t Feel Anxious

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation have this constant nagging feeling that they are unable to make their partners reach orgasm. This is known as performance anxiety and it can be a precursor to PE or it can be a result of the said condition.

The thing is, we already know that women can delay their orgasm longer than men do so you do not have to feel bad about yourself.

If you are feeling anxious, let your partner known about your worries. If she really loves and cares for you, being truthful to her can be a really good thing.

Stop and Go Scheme

There is this notion called edging which basically means that you stop and go to save yourself from ejaculating way too early.

Basically, when you reach the near the point of climax, you should stop what you are doing and allow the situation to subside a little. Once you feel that you are not going to ejaculate anymore, then you can carry on. Edging is a useful technique as it helps you train your brain to not be overly excited about the situation.

Remember, its good effects will not be apparent the first time you use the technique. But, do it often and I promise you that you will know how to control your urges more effectively than ever before.

Strengthen Your Muscles

More specifically, your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are responsible for the control of urination. You can actually feel these muscles by touching the area in between your balls and your anus. When you pee, you will find that these muscles are at play.

Doing some Kegel exercises can help train and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, so if you want to last much longer during sex, then I highly suggest that you do them right now.