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Great Internet Solutions in the Right Path

Time fibre

In the economic sphere, the Internet also has a decisive role, since the Government instructed companies and educational centers to implement telework and tele-education, respectively. This way of working would not be possible without a good Internet connection. In addition, we have online banking platforms, applications or websites that allow people to have an orderly management of their earnings in order to be able to make purchases or payments for services without leaving home and thus, they are not forced to interrupt quarantine.

On the other hand, children, young people and adults who are studying a degree or student cycle, can also access the various existing virtual class platforms, thus continuing with their activities remotely, as long as they have a good Internet connection. In the field of entertainment, the Internet is still important, as is using the network to view streaming content, online video games, search for recipes on websites, use social networks, etc., in order to acquire distraction and avoid routine before this confinement. Choosing the Time fibre is the right option there.

Time fibre

The Field of Health

In the field of health, the use of the Internet has become the most important means in the face of the quarantine crisis, there are several independent clinics, hospitals and doctors that have acquired the modality of attending to their patients through “virtual offices” This occurs through messages on WhatsApp, Twitter, and even video calls, in order to continue providing medical care that will allow the patient to receive medical advice and recommendations without leaving home.

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Now that we already know the most important uses of this network in times of the Coronavirus, it is essential to have a good Internet connection and at the same time remember that we must not break the chain of payments for the service so as not to affect the continuity of its use. For a better management of your connection, you can opt for any of Win’s symmetric Internet home plans. 

Time fibre


Next we are going to talk about the importance of having a good internet connection in order to get the most out of your game consoles, computers, etc. The main option is to be able to enjoy the maximum game for your console would be to talk about fiber optics (FTTH), always more effective than ADSL.