Getting Legal Aid in Malaysia

There might be at some point in your life where you get into some legal troubles. For the most part, when you are in such circumstances a lawyer would really come in handy. Anyway, the legal firms in malaysia – the lawyers are not free, and their services might be costly for individuals.

Luckily, there are three (3) legal aid bodies in Malaysia – The Bar Council, the Legal Aid Department, and the National Legal Aid Foundation – which really provides free legal help or a financed rate, with the goal that everybody can be granted in legal assistance. These will give a legal guide to various sorts of circumstances, and have various necessities for who might fit the bill for the legal aid in Malaysia.

Step One:  Determining whether your case is civil or criminal.

Typically, if your case includes the PDRM and a public prosecutor, it will probably be a criminal issue. If an ordinary private individual is suing you, almost certainly it is a civil issue. It is on the grounds that, you have to know which legal aid body will take your case.

Step Two: Choosing a legal aid body

First, Legal Aid Department that is financed by the legislature and handles certain criminal and some common cases.

Second, the Bar Council, it is secretly financed by individuals from the Bar and that could give legal aid for some areas of family, business law and those criminal cases.

And the last one is, National Legal Aid Foundation, this is for criminal cases only.

Step Three: Sitting for the qualification test

These tests are taken with the goal that these legal aid providers in Malaysia that can usually choose whether you meet all requirements for granting legal aid. The test would essentially be done to check your money related status.

Step Four: Having a legit case

This test would have nothing to do with your budgetary status, yet more with your case. Basically, these legal aid e bodies need to decide if your case is legit or whether it merits their time taking it.

Step Five: Following the advideand guidelines of your lawyer

The means already mentioned exist to ensure those who truly merit help get the assistance they need.

When you do fit the bill for the legal aid, you must be following the advice of your lawyer – everytime when you are going to court when they let you know, bring whatever important documents they may require, and so on. This would unquestionably make the undertaking of your legal counselor easier and it would build your odds of ensuring there is a reasonable result from your case.