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Games That You Can Play On Your Phone

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Everybody has their own smartphone and we carry them with us almost everywhere we go. Leaving our house without bringing our phone with us, will make us feel like something important is missing. Nowadays, with modern technology, our phones can do more than texting and calling. We can watch videos, watch movies, and play games like casino online mobile Malaysia. If we are bored, we can always play games on our phones and all we have to do is download these games on Apple Store or Play Store. Here are some games that you can download on your phones and play them during your free time. 



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Subway Surfers 


This is one of the OG’s when it comes to mobile games. This game is really easy for everyone to understand the rules. All you gotta do is run away from the police that are chasing you while collecting coins at the train station. You also need to avoid the trains and signboards that can hit you while you are running. When you are playing this game, you wouldn’t realize that hours have passed by, because this game is really addictive and easy to play. 


Among Us 


Who doesn’t know this game? There was a time where everybody had this game application on their phone and they would be playing it with their friends. This is one of those games where you can play with your friends or strangers from anywhere. This game is about a bunch of weird-looking cartoons being stuck in a spaceship and they must find out who is the impostor that is killing the crewmate. Trust me, this game will make you develop trust issues with your friends and the people around you. 


Candy Crush 


Candy Crush was everything at a certain point in our lives. Everybody was addicted to this game that is simple but somehow makes us feel frustrated trying to pass each level. Basically, all you have to do with this game is connect the same looking candy with each other to pass the level. Sounds easy right, but once you played it you will feel frustrated and you’ll want to throw your phone at the wall. 

Plants Vs Zombies 


I bet everyone has played this game once in their lifetime. Now they also have the version where you can play it on your phone. Just like its name all you gotta do is kill a bunch of zombies that are trying to trespassing into your house. And as a plant, you have to protect the house with every power that you have. This is one of the fun games for you to play by yourself at any time. 




The long name for this game is PlayerUnknown’s Battleground but everybody called this game PUBG. This game is one the most famous battle game and there is plenty of competition for this game. At first, it can be quite tricky to understand and play this game but along time with some practice, you will be able to play this game like a pro player. Yes, in this game you have to kill other characters and make sure that you are your teammates win the battle at the zone.