Disaster Relief offering from the Australia Architects

Architecture Firms

Many of Australian architects and architecture firms give pro bono planning and design support to people seeking to recover, as bush fires have damaged regions of Australia and damaged thousands of homes.

Architecture Assistance

At the moment there are over 200 architecture and building design companies that are part of architecture assistance, which was created when it became clear that “the resources of individual firms would not be adequate to support all those who need help.” AA supports concept outcomes in all situations, which are:

  • “Constructed from renewable material,
  • lightweight and spatially functional,
  • Owner friendly,
  • resilient in natural disasters,
  • extremely cost-effective”

For the assistance needed, licensed architects or skilled building design specialists can apply through the AA website to provide pro-bono services. Any support shall be provided to AA, and its programs are voluntary and free of charge. AA does not accept or seek support.