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How Important Financial Aid Is During A Pandemic

Follow me We never get to predict what is to happen in the future, including the things that will take place in the next seconds, minutes, hours, and years to come. We have been groomed ever since we were young to be prepared for the best and the worst in any kinds of situations. We […]

5 Blog Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Follow me 1. Lack of whitespace Whitespace, or negative space, is the absence of graphics and text in a blog design. Whitespace doesn’t have to be white, as long as it is free of images and text. The idea behind this is to enhance user experience and readability by removing clutter. Make sure that your […]

5 Big Blogging Mistakes to Avoid: New to Blogging? Never Do This!

Follow me 1. Setting an unreasonable distributing plan When you first create a blog, you are loaded with thoughts. It’s everything new and crisp, so it’s anything but difficult to distribute like a maniac and get every one of your thoughts out. From the start, you’re going to imagine that distributing each day won’t be […]