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Why You Should Read Mangas

Follow me The manga or the anime? We vote manga. If someone were to choose between the two, they would highlight the bad part about anime. For example, the animation tends to exaggerate or erased a specific trait from a character that mischaracterizes the character completely. But, there are more reasons to it. Many mangas […]

Best Comedy Mangas To Read in 2022

Follow me Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and the comedy genre in manga has a long and rich history. Furthermore, as reflected throughout this list, a lot of good manga understands how to incorporate elements of humor to complement other genres. If you are quite keen on reading comedy manga, then click here to read […]

Cartoons And Anime Are More That Just Illustrations

Follow me Millions of people all across the globe watch cartoons every day, whether they are animated or in text. They cover a wide variety of topics that might be lighthearted or serious, believable or fantastical, just enjoyable or incisively satiric. Cartoons are enjoyed by people of all ages and socioeconomic levels. A cartoon is […]