Betting Strategies in In-Play

In-play betting has been in a rough road of gambling in the past years but it became vibrant recently. Many bookmakers in online sports betting offer the service, but before you give it a go, it’s best to understand the fundamentals of the live betting strategy. That’s because it’s a fast-moving, unforgiving world where a split-second mistake could cost you a lot of time.

Play in Advance

While most people approach sports gambling lightly–supporting your own team on the weekend, getting a gamble on the Gold Cup for the sake of it–if you really want to learn live betting, you need to set up some kind of program.

That’s a lot of things. Next, learn to understand the markets on which you are planning to bet; soccer, cricket, horse racing, Formula 1–whatever you believe you know most about. When you’ve determined which areas you’re going to pursue— maybe one, maybe three— stick to these; don’t start betting on sports you know little about in-running.

Next, by watching how bookmakers change their odds and other punters vary their own on betting exchanges, you can start to learn how best to open or close your position in any given scenario (i.e. buy or sell odds). This is not an easy ability, but you’re sure to learn by watching others unfold as games or races.

Like most of these considerations, the final part of the preparation is an ongoing activity. Make sure to record every bet you make in order to learn from your mistakes–and you will make plenty. Write down when you bet on what odds and rating or scenario, then assess how things proceeded to unfold, how you closed your spot, your wins / losses, and what you might have done differently.

Don’t Let Greed Take You

Attached to formulating a plan, make sure you set a closing position at which stage–however your bet the look–you sell at your shortened price for every bet you make on the exchanges.

Likewise, don’t go chasing your losses to online bookmakers and exchanges alike. New prices are rising all the time and most bets are settled almost immediately, but that doesn’t mean that you should try to recover losses by suddenly spreading a number of wagers across markets that you haven’t thought about deeply enough. Live betting can be a hectic environment; always try to remain mindful –don’t let anger or greed interfere with a coherent plan.

Viewing the Event

It’s important to remember that if you watch a race or live match on TV or live streaming bookmakers, your stream may still be interrupted for a few seconds.

In that short time, online bookmakers and other punters closer to the action could set odds that seem too good to be true, but that are actually the result of an outcome that you haven’t seen before. As such, always try to think ahead of the events–what could happen next and so on–and stay patient.

In-running betting has forever changed the face of gambling sports. It’s as exciting as you’re going to find a betting environment. You will give yourself a good chance to consistently make profits by planning ahead, thinking ahead and remaining disciplined.