Best Comedy Mangas To Read in 2022

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and the comedy genre in manga has a long and rich history. Furthermore, as reflected throughout this list, a lot of good manga understands how to incorporate elements of humor to complement other genres. If you are quite keen on reading comedy manga, then click here to read free comedy manga online.

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Here are some of the best comedy manga to read:

  1. Beck
  • The first entry, which follows a pattern that will be repeated throughout this list, is a slice of life with comedic highlights. Beck follows Mongolian Chop Squad, a group of hopefuls attempting to make it on the world stage.
  • The series’ comedy is generated by the realistic relationships of the aspiring rock group’s band members and extended friends. The first entry on this list, while not strictly a comedy, demonstrates how humor can enhance any story.


  1. One Punch Man
  • One-Punch Man demonstrates how using the same punchline over and over again can have a great comedic effect. Furthermore, the absurdity of villains who would be the final boss in any other manga only appearing to be plastered by a single shot is used to great comedic effect. To be fair, what began as a simple repetitive joke quickly evolved into a deep series with a diverse and entertaining cast.
  • The manga’s comedy and action blend perfectly, making it difficult to pinpoint the series’ best feature. Finally, it is easiest to simply state that One-Punch Man is a deliriously fun series deserving of its current rating.

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  1. Yona of the Dawn
  • Yona of the Dawn is a story that fantasy fans will adore. It follows Yona, the princess of Kouka, as she attempts to save her kingdom after her cousin murders her father and seizes power. Son Hak, her only companion and bodyguard, travels with her to find four dragon warriors who can hopefully help her reclaim her kingdom.
  • Aside from scenes that make you laugh, this story has plenty of classic fantasy elements, such as action-packed fight scenes and romantic tension between characters. The manga is still being published, so many devoted fans are still enjoying it while they await the conclusion.


  1. Yotsuba To!
  • Yotsuba To! is the only series on this list that could be considered family-friendly. It is adorable, imaginative, and ridiculous. As a result, the ability to appeal to a diverse audience reflects a strong universal narrative that captures the simple but absurd charm of childhood imagination and development.

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  1. Grand Blue Dreaming
  • Grand Blue Dreaming is the only sports manga on this list that is first and foremost a comedy and then a drama. As a result, the series relies on the machismo of Izu University’s diving club, which is known for partying and eccentric behaviour.
  • Grand Blue is one of the few series that makes you laugh out loud at the stories and illustrations of characters “losing it.” As a result, great comedic timing and a riotous cast have earned it a spot as one of the best “purely” comedy series on the market.