Becoming a Certified Blockchain Expert Malaysia

certified blockchain expert malaysia


We have all heard of the term NFT and Cryptocurrency by now, I’m sure. But if you haven’t then you must know that Cryptocurrencies are the current form of digital money, and NFTs are non-fungible tokens that exist on the blockchain. If you haven’t heard about blockchains, well essentially they are an ever-growing list of records or better described – blocks, that are linked together securely with cryptography. Each block will contain a cryptographic hash of the previous block, timestamps, as well as transaction data. So how does one become a certified blockchain expert Malaysia?

Blockchain certifications– What are they all about?

Did you know that there are comprehensive curriculum that introduce you to the different facets of Blockchain technologies and it’s ever revolving industries? You will definitely be able to gain so much knowledge regarding blockchain technology and become a certified blockchain expert Malaysia. Its something you will want to learn because the industry is currently obsessed with crypto, NFTs and blockchains which all operate all together, hand-in-hand. It’s also really helpful because it’s a very short course you can take and it will be valid for a lifetime. Not only do you get to learn so many modules regarding these topics, but you will also get to do it all online.

These are some skills you will be required if you would like to become an expert in blockchains:

  • Programming languages like HTML, Python and more
  • Designing and selecting blockchain components
  • Important traits of blockchain technology
  • Uses of blockchain, understanding and explaining
  • Other skills in the blockchain tools and systems

Some of the knowledge you will gain from becoming a certified blockchain expert Malaysia:

  • Introduction to Blockchain: What is Blockchain, why is blockchain a distributed p2p network? Blockchain vs. Cryptocurrency, Types of Blockchain, Different blockchain technologies, benefits of using blockchain technology.
  • Origins of Blockchain: Electronic systems & trust, bitcoins
  • Blockchain Ecosystem: Hashing, blocks, wallets and addresses, public & private key, transaction execution and distribution
  • Blockchain Mining: What is blockchain mining? Types of mining & who are Miners?
  • Transactions UTXO vs Account Model
  • Other Consensus Mechanisms in Blockchain: Proof of Capacity (POC) & Proof of Activity (POA), Leased Proof of Stake (LPOS), Proof of Burn (POB) & Proof of Weight (PoWeight)
  • Use cases of Blockchain: Financial, business, government & public sector and other industries
  • Other: Blockchain in Retail, Fashion, Luxury, e-Sports, Legal Industry, social impact of Blockchain, DeFi Use cases in Blockchains

certified blockchain expert malaysia

When you choose to get a blockchain certification, there are many benefits that you will reap because of how in-demand the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is. Firstly, you will be able to prove your blockchain skills & understanding. You will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of Blockchain and how to implement it in any blockchain applications. And eventually, you will be able to build your own blockchain enterprise with all the knowledge you have acquired. Your hands-on project experience while you achieve the knowledge will give you an added advantage for when you choose to get into the industry after completing your certification.