Event Management

6 Important Questions to Ask Your Event Planner

1. “What skills does your current team have?”

Every host wants to hire the best event manager in Malaysia for their special occasion. This is the reason why on the first meeting, you need to ask about what they can and cannot do for you. Can they take care of event promotion, event registration and vendor coordination? Choose a team that has a vast range of talents and skills.

2. “What kinds of events do you usually handle?”

If you are organizing a wedding, you wouldn’t want to hire a professional who is used to managing corporate events. Be sure that the professional you are going to hire as the experience needed in similar events.

3. “What are the services included in your fee?”

Make sure that you are clear on the services the event planner is doing for you. Everything must be stated in the contract. You and the planner must agree on it. Just in case there are some confusion, communicate it to her as soon as possible.

4. “What if things don’t go expect? How do you handle it?”

No matter how hardworking your event planner is, problems can really happen as you go along. The most important thing is that your team knows how to handle it. Backup plans must be prepared. There are tons of things that can go wrong in any event. Ask how the event planner handles event difficulties, as well as her take on stress management.

5. “Will I coordinate with you or your team?”

Top event planners have assistants who help them manage their events. In some instances, they ask clients to coordinate with their assistants. Ask who your main contact person is. For many people, dealing with assistants is not an issue. However, there are some individuals who would prefer smaller firms, so they can coordinate with the owner and the event manager more closely.

6. “How much will your services cost?”

You must always ask about the final cost of the event planning services. Whether you are hosting a birthday party or corporate event, check if the professional will charge hourly consulting fees or a flat fee.