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The Top 5 Things to Do in Malacca, Malaysia

Although you can find plenty of historical sites in Kuala Lumpur, there are definitely a lot
of historical sites to discover in Malacca as well. So much so that the city has been
given the UNESCO Heritage Site nod a few years ago.

The city is teeming with a lot of colonial relics as European colonial forces have invaded
this place more than the other parts of Malaysia.

Malacca is a bit tamer than Kuala Lumpur but this is not to say that you cannot do a lot
of things here; the contrary is actually true.

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Trip Down Memory Lane

Because the city is teeming with a lot of historical and heritage sites, the fastest way to
discover all of these places would be to enlist in a guided tour in the free Old Malacca
Heritage Tour.

Some of the most iconic places that you will visit are Chinatown, Dutch Square, St.
Paul’s, and so much more.

As you go along with the tour, the guide will give you some information about the
heritage sites. You can also learn more about the infamous Golden Age and I suggest
that you listen to what the guide has to say about this one since it is quite interesting, to
say the least.

The Last Remnants of the Portuguese Regime

The Portuguese were first to colonize Malacca and although the British and the Dutch
wiped out most of the things that relate to these Europeans, there are still some
remnants left.

Head over the Portuguese Square to find what seems to be a traditional Malay
Kampung Village only for you to find that it actually holds some of the last remaining
pieces of the Portuguese rule.

Learn About the Dutch

The Dutch have also invaded Malacca back in the day. You can find a lot of things that
are Dutch in the aptly named Dutch Square. Full of red-painted structures, you can find
the oldest Protestant Church here, as well as the Stadhuys, and many other historical remnants.

Take a Cruise Down the River

There is a reason why the Malacca River is popular. From the 15-century Malacca
Sultanate through 500 years of European colonial rule, the river has acted as the main
highway for goods and shipments.

Although there are no shipments that traverse the 5.6-mile river, it is now being used
mainly as a path for the riverboats.

You can take a river cruise that lasts about 45 minutes so that you will find some
amazing art, bars, and restaurants along the way.

Sample Some Nyonya Foods

The Peranakans were descendants of 15 th -Century Chinese Immigrants and their
influence over Malacca is far and wide.

Nyonya foods are Peranakan dishes that are packed full of flavor. You can sample
some amazing Peking Duck or simmer down the intense heat of the sun by eating some
of the city’s famous cendol or shaved ice with a host of different toppings.